TF2 Teams Make Adjustments

BY Andrew Miesner / February 1, 2009

Professional organizations left and right are dropping their TF2 squad’s and picking up the “best” team they can find. It seems that this all started when Pandemic decided to drop their TF2 squad and acquire iDemise’s for “business and ethical” reasons. Sources say things are different now only after a few days when CompLexity won its first ever Gotfrag TF2 Invitational Tournament.

Recently Pandemic’s TF2 leader carnage, decided to cut pheLon, paladin and REM because of losing to CompLexity at the Gotfrag’s TF2 Invitational Tournament. The remaining roster of carnage, glue and relic decided to merge with the (now former) Xensity squad. In addition, they have picked up Jaegar from Apoplexy Industries to fill in the remaining soldier spot for team Pandemic. Technically speaking, the way the team ownerships works in CEVO-P, Pandemic is currently listed as Xensity in the CEVO-P ladder. Pretty confusing isn’t it?

After all the confusion here’s the lineups for Pandemic and iDemise.

Scout – carnage
Scout – enigma
Demoman – Solid Snake
Soldier – Jaegar
Soldier – relic
Medic – glue

Scout/Utility – justin
Scout/Utility – bman
Scout/Utility – cyzer
Demoman – REM
Soldier – pheLon
Soldier – paladin
Medic – TBA



Source: GotFrag