TF2: The Spy Update

BY Andrew Miesner / May 15, 2009

Update: Doug Lombardi of Valve has confirmed the next update will consist of the Spy and Sniper unlockables.

For the past week, the TF2 development team has announced the release of a new class update, the Sniper class. Could it be that the Sniper update was all just a big hoax? Today May 15, 2009 the TF2 team has announced the Spy update on the official TF2 blog website. The Spy Update is expected to be released next Thursday. Stay locked on the site for more information about the spy update. We will continue to monitor this update and inform all TF2 fans of any more updates in the up coming days.

Day 4 of the Sniper update brings us… hold on, that’s not…

Holy hell. All those conspiracy theorists on the TF forum couldn’t have been right all along, could they? Pyro’s going to be inconsolable now.

Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog