TGBF Interviews Warden and Rambo

BY Andrew Miesner / August 25, 2009

Tomorrow, Warden and Rambo will be interviewed by Jeff “Smeagol” Dickinson on on The Schet List, discussing whether the rules of competitive Counter-Strike need to be changed to improve the scene.

From TGBF’s website:

The topic this week: the rules of CS and whether some change is just what the scene needs right now. Fifteen round halves have been played for quite some time, but is that really the best format? What about round times and freeze times? What about ghosting online and LAN? What about duck jumping?

We’ll learn what our special guests, Ron “Rambo” Kim (X3, 3D, coL) and Matt “Warden” Dickens (GB, coL, EG), think about making some changes to the rule set.

The show starts at 11pm ET and the phone lines will open at 11:30pm ET and you can connect with us via landline (505.227.8423) or Skype (callTGBF).

For VODs and more infomation about TGBF and The Schet List, you can head on over to their website.