The Executives #1: Sponsorships 101

BY Andrew Miesner / February 29, 2012


The Executives #1: Sponsorships 101

Complexity Gaming and Team Dignitas, in conjunction with Sound Blaster, are proud to present the debut episode of a new live show hosted by Jason Lake and Michael O`Dell: The Executives: The Business of Gaming #1: Sponsorships 101.

Today at 1:00 PM EST your hosts will be joined by news anchor Patrick “Chobopeon” O`Neill to discuss the business side of recent events and interview Ryan Schlieper, Product Marketing Manager of Creative SoundBlaster.

The Executives’ goal is to educate the next generation of business leaders and facilitate an open discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing the eSports business today.

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VOD: All VODs will be hosted HERE.

MP3: iTunes | Direct

Official Team Liquid Thread: HERE


Future Guest Lineup (subject to change):

  • Episode 2: eSports Business 101 – Craig “Torbull” Levine of ESEA, ESS and previously of Team 3D
  • Episode 3: Team Management – Victor “Nazgul” Goossens, co-Founder, Team Liquid
  • Episode 4: The Business of Being TotalBiscuit – John “TotalBiscuit” Bain,
  • Episode 5: League Management – David Ting, Head of IGN eSports / IGN Proleague

Always feel free to share your news, show ideas and questions with our crew.


  • Jason “1” Lake, Founder & CEO, Complexity Gaming. @coL_Lake
  • Michael “Odee” O`Dell, Founder & Managing Director, Team Dignitas. @dignitasODEE
  • Patrick “Chobopeon” O`Neill, eSports journalist and news anchor. @chobopeon
  • Simon “Sympatico” Abitbol, Stream Producer. @SympaticoTV


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