The International 2 – Main Event Brackets Released

BY Andrew Miesner / August 30, 2012

The International 2 – Main Event Brackets Released

The brackets for The International’s main event this weekend have been officially released. compLexity.DOTA2 managed to successfully pass through the preliminary (group) stage in second place giving them an excellent seed for the main event.

Starting off in the winners bracket, coL.DOTA2 will be up against the Singaporean team that placed third at last years event, Zenith. Matches in the winners bracket will be best of three, where as in the losers bracket matches are best of one, giving a great deal of importance to the preliminary’s that have just past.

The main event begins on Friday the 31st of August at 9:30 PST!

Winners Bracket:

Losers Bracket:

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