The Movie Vault Goes Lite

BY Andrew Miesner / January 10, 2010

The next iteration of the famed SourceRadio has gone live with a “lite” version of the site.

Gamers have had rough patches in the past in regards to video sites, where CSFlicks died not once, but multiple times, and GotFrag’s Game Room never really went mainstream for PC users. Outside of Noob Flicks and SourceRadio, there hasn’t been much of dedicated video sources for gamers.

And finally, once Source Radio had shut its doors, many gamers thought it might be the end of showcasing their talents and viewing the latest creations from other dedicated gamers in a complete user experience.

That changed when it was announced that owner of SourceRadio, now The Movie Vault, Erik Kehl, was putting together a completely new site from scratch. He had this to say in today’s press release:

Welcome to the new “lite” version of The Movie Vault, make yourself at home. Before you start scratching your head wondering what’s going on I think I should take a moment to show you around what’s live, and give you a heads up on what is yet to come. If this is your first time back to The Vault since I closed in August, I highly recommend you read this introduction.

First things first, no this is not the “whole” website, that is why this is considered a “lite” version and not even a beta. What you are seeing is a look into the new styling and ease of use functions being applied to the new website. The core functions such as searching, browsing, playing videos and so forth is all intact and don’t worry, I didn’t forget to include the high definition streams. But what is missing is all the user functions most have grown to love, the question is why?

This site has been created from the ground up; I scrapped the remains of what was once “SourceRadio” and started new. I did this primarily because the old site was cluttered, years of code and let’s face it, I learned along the way. The new site is built for the user; the new interface will allow easy navigation, attractive styling and a ton of new features. So many new features in fact, that I can’t release the full site quite yet.

The rest of the press release, as well as the entire “lite” version can be seen here