The new coL.cs

BY Andrew Miesner / May 25, 2009

The compLexity Syndicate, America’s leading gaming organization, is pleased to announce our next generation of Counter-Strike stars which we believe has the qualities needed to return coL.cs to the top of the American scene.
Our desire was to find a combination of players who are talented, dedicated and hungry.  The goal was to find lesser known names that already had the talent needed to achieve immediate results but who had not peaked in their potential; a group with enough experience to handle the bright compLexity spotlight but enough desire and promise to get America back on the international CS map.  After an exhaustive search and extensive research we believe we have identified that squad, and it is the previous x3o.
Andrew “Irukandji“ Timmerman
Ryan “NineSpot” Bell
Jeff “Hero” Mettetal
David “saviOr” Park
Derek “dboorN” Boorn
It is our firm belief that this roster has the chemistry, attitude and potential needed to bring home more trophies for the coL Community.  Their x3o contracts have been bought out and the guys have moved to North Carolina for an intensive bootcamp over the summer months.  Our fans can look forward to a renewed energy from our CS division, complete with videos, blogs, pub nights and more.  We encourage you to get behind our next generation of stars and show them just how amazing the support of the coL Community can be.
We’d like to thank our loyal sponsors who keep compLexity on top:  Creative, PureTrak, G8Brand, NationVoice, NextGen and IMG.
Thanks as always for your support.  Stay tuned and wish our new family members the best of luck!