The return of ESWC

BY Andrew Miesner / November 24, 2009

Announced yesterday, the ESWC has released details regarding the comeback event for the namesake, taking place June 30th to July 4th in 2010. The event will take place at Disneyland Paris, where gamers will compete in the Disney Village and accomodations will be handled by Disneyland Paris.

The ESWC was one of the last pillars of the golden years of eSports; and back in April of 2009, the company behind the ESWC, Games-Services filed for bankruptcy, ending a strong run. After some time, the proceedings eventually lead to a company which purchased the ESWC brand and trademarks in August of 2009.

An excerpt from the ESWC press release can be seen below:

ESWC 2010 competitors will vie for $200,000 in prize money divided between the World Champions and their challengers in several tournaments.

Qualification process will start in January 2010, DIP-Organisation is aiming to gather 32 countries to participate in the ESWC come back.

DIP-Organisation bought the ESWC brandand trademark in August 2009. DIP-Organisation did not buy the company organizing ESWC so far. In consequences, DIP-Organisation is not in charge of any obligation to pay 2008 cash prize or any debt that have not been paid by the last organisation. However , in order to prevent more harm and damage to the ESWC image and to maintain coherent the ESWC project and spirit, DIP-Organisation is studying the possibilities to found a way to compensate the last ESWC champions.

The last portion may be unsettling to those gamers that are affected by the series of events, but hopefully a remedy can be worked out.

The preliminary list of games and tournaments being used in 2010 are as follows:

Counter-Strike Female
Warcraft 3: TFT
Trackmania ESWC
Virtua Tennis
Need for Speed: Shift
Street Fighter 4
FIFA 2010

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