The Rise of Boxer

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2011

As one of eSports most recognizable figures for well over a decade, Lim Yo Hwan, also known as SlayerS_`BoxeR, has competed on one of the world’s biggest stages, in countless events, in dozens of venues. From his humble beginnings as young Starcraft player, to his current reign as Korea’s most notable gaming celebrity, Boxer has lived the ultimate dream of any aspiring gamer.

SK Gaming has released a bio of Hwan, detailing his early life, pre-SC, to his stardom as a Starcraft legend today. Below is an excerpt from the biography.


During one fateful summer break in 1998, Boxer travelled to a friend’s house in an attempt to gain a tutor, a mentor and a way to raise his grades and satisfy his parents but not himself. Ironically, it was there that he discovered StarCraft. As he sat impatiently waiting for his friend to teach him English and mathematics, his friend was too busy playing Protoss. When Boxer saw the game, he was immediately sucked in. Over the course of the summer, he played the game at his friend’s house as though it was a job. It occupied his thoughts day and night. He felt flush with happiness when he was able to defeat the computer. He strained to improve. This was a purpose, a goal for Boxer. It was, as he describes it, the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Boxer left the arcades and soccer fields behind. He entered a new world in which a computer game gave him the power to express and experience his imagination in a way which excited him to no end. He discovered PC Bangs, Korean internet cafes, and began to learn the intricacies of the game, the worldwide community that it held. At school, he befriended other StarCraft players and soon learned what it meant to win.

As he slept through his last year of high school and spent his evenings playing StarCraft at PC Bangs, Boxer began to dream of playing professionally. The game became his sole source of excitement, the rest of his life faded into the background. Friendly rivalries with Boxer’s sparring partners emerged which helped him develop his play immensely. Professional gamers began to emerge on television in South Korea and a deep feeling stirred within Boxer.


The full biography can be found by clicking here.