The Schet List Featuring JaX

BY Andrew Miesner / September 9, 2009

Tonight, the Schet List goes live, with a start studded lineup. coL’s own, Alex “JaX” Conroy will be joining the roundtable, along with NickFitz and Rambo. Tonight’s show looks to be full of great topics, including gaming’s current state and what to do about it. Below is the official release:

This week on TSL, we deliver our the first segment of our ‘State of the Gaming Union’ series. With the WCG US Finals just around the corner, and more or less empty space following, it’s time to take serious stock of the scene. We intend to leave no stone unturned in this show: is CS due for a real revival or is it dead in the water? What might take it’s place in team gaming? Will we always look back towards the middle part of this decade as the heyday of gaming or are brighter days ahead? Are any of the current tournament circuits in a place to take things to the next level, or are we in for a paradigm shift before we see real sustainable growth in the scene? Is it really just the economy, stupid?

Joining the roundtable will be Jax of compLexity, NickFitz of X3O Gaming, Ron ‘Rambo’ Kim of Team 3D and compLexity, and as always will headed up by your hosts Chris Schetter and Jeff ‘Smeagol’ Dickinson.

Those that joined us last week saw the gloves come off in regards to events stiffing gamers for prize money owed. It’s without a doubt one of the biggest reasons we see players make their exit from the very top of the scene, tired of waiting for money promised to come in, and needing to get on with their lives. This cycle of taking the gamers for granted needs to be broken, and we want to see just how far this rabbit hole goes. If you’re owed prize money from a tournament/circuit – still alive or long gone – we want to know. Email the show at [email protected] and give us the details.

We go live at 11p Eastern this Wednesday at – phones will open around 11:30. 505.227.TGBF (8423) or skype: calltgbf.

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