The Show by Fro: Expansion

BY Andrew Miesner / January 21, 2009


By: Andy ‘Fro’ Popkin

This is an editorial piece.  The opinions in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of compLexity Gaming or its parent company.

I come home from class, and start to read the staff channel logs. Something catches my eye, and that something is that we’re getting a WoW team…

I’m gonna do the best I can to not diss/go off on/make fun of World of Warcraft and or its players, but yeah…… We’ll see how long that lasts. Anyway we picked up this new WoW: Arena team, and apparently they are pretty good. Actually I don’t think the triple threat owner team would bring on a shitty squad, so one would assume that they are DAMN good.

I myself dislike WoW with a passion. There is just something about spending 18 hours to kill one boss with 40+ other players that makes me ‘turn the other way.’ THAT’S NOT ALL YOU DO!!!!! is what I hear every time I say that to a WoW player. Well to all of you that play it and thought that in your head just now, F YOU. I have lost many a friend to this oh so popular time waster. I know for a fact that our own Volcano and Method play it a lot along with our entire old CS team minus Rambo. I don’t know how their managers allow them to play it so much.

At least I don’t have to force myself to watch people kill sheep and deer to find 2 copper and get .00001 XP. Yes thank god that our WoW team is playing Arena. I do not know too much about the Arena, but what I do know is that it’s not as boring and it is faster play. You pick your dude, get some gear, and MORTAL KOMBAT. Well what sucks is it’s not quite MK, and what really sucks Is that they don’t play the MK theme song while the rouges pwn the mages. But you are shooting stuff out of your hands and killing people so it’s sporting some MK in it (rofl). I guess after time I’ll start to watch the match casts on uStream or whatever we use and call myself a ‘WoW: Arena’ spectator….

LOL enough WoW bashing, I hope the new guys do great and bring us a trophy for Grandpa Jake’s mantle. In all seriousness, WoW is an amazingly popular game with nearly 12 million subscribing players. From what Jake tells me, the movies that are posted on YouTube or NoobFlicks get TONS of hits. Any manager who wants to attract new fans and or new sponsors ($$$) would be nuts to not have a WoW player/team under their organization.

Moving on to my topic of expansion, the Syndicate is slowly becoming a well rounded team again. Back in the old days we had CS, DoD, CoD, DOTA, and Quake. Having all of those different squads made things more fun. More people to cheer for, more people to shoot the shit with in private channels, and most of all it was great for sponsors.

So what’s next? Could be any game really. I could see a fighting game being picked up, but I’d rather see us finally break into the MLG scene with Halo or whatever else they have, I don’t follow MLG so someone help me out. MLG is sorta like Canada to me, I know it’s there because I’ve been there and nothing ever really happens to it so I don’t pay much attention to it. Anyone else feel the same way?

In honor of a very famous pig, and to end this in just the best of ways…