The Show by Fro: New coL

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2009

By: Andy ‘Fro’ Popkin

This is an editorial piece.  The opinions in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of compLexity Gaming or its parent company.

For all of you that remember my old article.. THE SHOW IS BACK! I’ll try to write as often as I can with a sort of behind the scenes stuff that happens around these parts. Apparently people like my writing, so I gotta please my fans!

Well well, look what we have here… we got some players, some sponsors, and some new owners. Enough to cause that riot that Jason has been raving about? That’s up to you, but I think all of it is pretty significant when put into perspective.

The CS team, yeah that’s a pretty big thing considering we are mainly (for now) a counter-strike team. We got two of the best FIFA players too, and more players/teams on the way! Anyway, players are what bring the fans, the trophies, and most important, the money. I’ll get to that money thing in a second, but from the looks of the past few matches our CS team isn’t THAT great right now. A few hours before the big announcement I was talking to Justin (sunman) to catch up and all that special stuff, he basically said what I already knew. And that is that we have a “new” CS team, the players are not used to 1.6 and they are still making their basic strats. I’m not gonna say cut them some slack, but trust me they will be coL “par” very soon.

One of the really odd things we have now is the triple threat owner team. I have been friends with Jake since before complexity started, and I have been really used to having only him as a boss. Now we got these two new guys that I semi know, one of which I actually have thrown up on! JaX and JBass will be bringing us… well I’m not really sure. I guess JaX is gonna be our new official chair kicker / “bring me the pistols” yeller, and JBass is going to be doing…..? I think I heard he will be doing some behind the scenes work, i.e. sponsors and stuff. So yeah, I’m gonna have to get to know these guys so I can give them as much shit as I give Jake!

Onto this money thing. It’s actually the sole reason why this website, our new team, and everything else have come to be. Have y’all heard of CES? Well I know our new co-owner JaX has! Last week he was there in Vegas schmoozing with all the big wigs, trying to secure some money for what would be the new coL. Luckily he and the idea of JMComplexity happened to go over very well with the people over at Creative.

I’m guessing many of you are like, “oh yeah cool they have Creative as a sponsor.” Well yeah it’s cool. Actually it could be WAY more than just cool. We’re looking at almost twice the financial backing we used to have, and who knows.. maybe the chance to be the next “Fatality” like brand. Headsets, sound cards, motherboards, and all that other stuff that has Wendel’s name on it.  Just imagine the possibilities.. walk into Best Buy, boom Jason fucking Lake’s face on a headset with some cheesy quote like, “This is the best of the best, anyone who is anyone uses this product for pin point accuracy sound.” LOLOL I love that shit. So yeah we got a really good chance to start banking, and what does that mean for you? You get to be a part of the best gaming team in the world! WOOHOO!