The Sun is up, and you’re going down!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 20, 2009

The next player in the interview series is a man who needs no introduction for the compLexity community. That man is none other than Justin “sunman” Summy. If you have been a fan of coL, then Justin is no unfamiliar face as he has been a star with compLexity when they tasted victory at ESWC 2005.  Justin has been a part of the Counter-Strike community for many years now and will be looking to dominate the scene in 2009. Without further delay, I give you the return of the sun!

Sunman is no new face to the coL community so we’re going to get right down to the nitty gritty. When you heard that you were going to be given the opportunity to play for compLexity for what is now the third time, what were your thoughts?
I was really just weighing the options of what was going to be best one for me and my team at the time.

compLexity must have a special place in your heart if you have been willing to come back three times to get your chair kicked out from under you. Do you love Jason that much, or is it the compLexity way of life that keeps you coming back for more?
I never really thought in to it too much. Maybe it’s fate or maybe it’s just coincidence. Who knows, but here I am and now we’re ready to get back on top. 🙂

Obviously this time around will be a bit different with new teammates and a new management structure. How do you think having a four manager structure will help your team and the rest of the organization in the long run to achieve top results?
As long as things stay organized it should help out more than having one. We can stay focused on our game even more because we shouldn’t have to worry about the management side of team issues as much. Sponsors should be easier to obtain as well, which would increase our player salary, allowing us to make this more of a full time job once again.

“What we are doing or will do to be on top comes from the experiences we learn by playing again. So only time will tell how we will evolve, but we know we will have to.”The whole team has been playing Counter-Strike: Source up until the fold of the CGS. How long do you think it will take to shake off the rust, get back to being used to 1.6 gameplay, and start ripping apart faces?
Everyone has a different prediction, most are “a few months”, but I think it’s going to come down to how fast we come together as a team. All of us are experienced players that have competed against the best for years. We know what it takes to get to the top and it should only be a matter of time. I can’t promise a set time, but if I had to guess though I would say things should come together better after we experience our first LAN as a team. Of course, we are hoping to win our first LAN though. 😉

The competition has evolved since your last 1.6 experience. How is the team evolving to keep up or pass up the competition?
Most of us have been on the top level and have been a part of the evolving playstyles. Like I said we’re all experienced players and we know what it takes. What we are doing or will do to be on top comes from the experiences we learn by playing again. So only time will tell how we will evolve, but we know we will have to.

The community is anxious to see the sun shine on LAN once again. When can we expect to see the debut of the team at it’s first event and what will the rest of the year have in store for the coL community?
Short answer, asap. Long answer, I don’t know if there are too many LANs until spring, but we will be attending all big national and international LANs this year.

compLexity in the past has has been a strong international contender and kept USA towards the top of the rankings. Since the top teams went to the CGS that presence hasn’t really been there. Do you have high hopes in bringing the USA back to the top and and showing the Euros what’s up by the end of 2009?
Yes of course, the end goal is to be recognized as an international powerhouse once again.

“If you read an interview with me, most of them anyways, you know I love competition. That fact is never going to change either.”Describe each of your teammates and their roles in game.
David is the in-game leader and primary awp of the team. Erik also has leading attributes that we use when we have to, he also is our secondary awper and support rifler. Sal and Mikey are primary riflers, but can awp when they have to. Everyone contributes to strats and decisions during the game. Roles can’t be put on paper so black and white though. Top players are able to perform multiple roles so I’ve never liked these questions because there is so much to be described about a player and their role on a team most of the time.

You have been around the scene for a very long time. For many gamers, the fall of the CGS was the end for their careers. What has kept you going all these years even after you lost your CGS salary?
If you read an interview with me, most of them anyways, you know I love competition. That fact is never going to change either. Yes money and salary is nice, but in reality, for me atleast, it just allows me to do it more full-time. 

If you could call anyone or any team out, who would it be and why?
Like out on a date? Oh.. Barmoa then. No reason really, he was talking smack in IRC while I was writing this. 🙂

Any last words or shout-outs?
Wait, last words, what’s going on here…………….??? Hi, sarah, dad, uncle rog, fans, haters*.  *yes u help me become better  🙂 ty ty.




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