The V – Week #11

BY Andrew Miesner / April 6, 2011


Tonight’s edition of The V saw an extremely hard fought PvP match up between the four-week-champion coL.CunCher and ROOT Gaming’s Minigun.

Game one was over pretty quickly. Both players went basic Gateway units and despite having pretty even armies, CrunCher’s micromanagement allowed him to take down Minigun’s Stalkers netting him the win.

Game two actually made it into the midgame, something that is relatively rare in high-level PvP play. CrunCher tried an early gateway unit push, but thanks to some Immortals Minigun held it. While pushing, CunCher managed to expand to his natural, while Minigun sat on one base. Once CunCher saw that his push wasn’t working out he was forced to retreat, allowing Minigun to go on the offensive. Again, CunCher’s micro allowed him to hold off a very strong one base push from Minigun. Once CunCher fought back the push, he went on the offensive once again. Utilizing Blink Stalkers and some good Force Fields, CunCher was able to out micro Minigun for the win, despite the fact that Minigun managed to get Colossus on the field.

Game three saw CunCher try to four Warpgate rush Minigun. Minigun was able to stave off the attack and force CunCher back into his base. While CunCher was contained, Minigun brought out three Dark Templar and quickly ended the match.

Game four saw CunCher go on the early offensive yet again. Minigun managed to hold off the Warpgate rush, letting him push out with his Gateway units and get map control. Despite having a better unit composition, Minigun’s larger force of Blink Stalkers and constant aggression allowed him to take the map and the game.

Game five CrunCher tried to four Warpgate rush yet again. Like the previous game, Minigun managed to hold it and then went of the offensive. After containing CunCher for a little bit, Minigun moved in with his larger force of Blink Stalkers and ended the game.

In game six, CunCher decided to deviate from his four Warpgate rush and, instead, went with a three Gate Robo build. Like the previous games, Minigun stuck to his Blink Stalker play. Unlike the previous games, neither player tried to be overly aggressive in the early game. Both players transitioned into Colossus while expanding. After seeing Minigun start his expansion, CunCher pushed out with his force denying the second base. After realizing that he was behind, Minigun switched things up by transitioning to Dark Templar. After drawing CunCher back into his base with the DTs, Minigun pushed out and destroyed CunCher’s expansion. CunCher forced Minigun’s army back and ultimately won due to his superior Colossus count.

In the final match, Minigun went with a two Gate Robo build where as CunCher went with a one Gate Robo. For a while both players sat in their bases building up a Colossus/Gateway unit composition. Minigun was the first to go on the offensive, containing CunCher in his base. With basically the same unit composition and army size, micromanagement was the name of the game. Unfortunately CunCher got overly aggressive and lost his army and the game.

Both players showed an astounding amount of skill and should be proud of their performances. Congratulations are in order for ROOTMinigun, the new champion of The V. Be sure to tune in next Friday to see if Minigun can keep the crown.

The V

The compLexity Syndicate is proud to announce week 11 of our Starcraft 2, 1 v 1 initiative, called The V! This week,  defending champion Abdulaziz “coL.CrunCher” Abed from CompLexity Gaming will take on Chad ”Minigun” Jones from ROOT Gaming. This will be CrunChers fourth week defending The V Championship, after taking Cong “StrifeCro” Shu two weeks ago.

Each week we will invite two professional SC2 players to square off for a $100 cash prize.  The winner will return the next week to take on a new challenger.  In addition, every week we will offer viewers the chance to enter to win great prizes, including the new Sound Blaster Tactic Headset.



Date: 7:00 PM EST
Format: Best of 7
Prize: $100.00 per week
Casting: Shoutcasting by AskJoshy



Abdulaziz “coL.CrunCher”
vs. Chad ”Minigun” Jones



Week 10 coL.Cruncher >EG.StrifeCro” Shu 4-0
Week 9 coL.CrunCher > LzGaMeR 4-1
Week 8 coL.CrunCher > d.SjoW 4-1-1
Week 7
coL.CrunCher > LGPainUser 4-1
Week 6d.SjoW > EG.Axslav 4-3
Week 5 Slush < EG.Axslav 1-4
Week 4 –
DDE < EG.Axslav 0-4
Week 3
DDE > FXO.Sheth 4-1
Week 2
Liquid Tyler < FXO.Sheth 3-4
Week 1 Liquid Tyler > ROOT.drewbie 4-1


Be sure to mark your calendars and check in every Friday night for some of the best 1v1 action in StarCraft 2!  Tune in to see who can survive the longest in THE V!


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