The V – Week #14

BY Andrew Miesner / April 28, 2011

Post Game

Game 1: Shattered Temple
In typical Spanishiwa style, he open up with a hatch first build into mass Zerglings. KawaiiRice on the other hand, went with a low ground wall-in into heavy Rax plus a Command Center. Both players turtled for a long while, teching up and taking more bases. Once KawaiiRice was comfortable with his Tank Marine combo, he moved out and took the center ground. Unfortunately for him, Spanishiwa already had Brood Lords and Infestors on the field. After a long siege battle, Spanishiwa managed to break KawaiiRice’s fortification forceing the gg.

Game 2: Tal’darim Alter
Spanishiwa again opened with a fast expand. KawaiiRice went with a Marine/Hellion build hoping to get some early damage done. Just as KawaiiRice was moving out, Spanishiwa managed to get a Nydus up pouring Roaches into KawaiiRice’s main. Taking a gamble, KawaiiRice decided to counter attack, but was easily held off by Spine Crawlers and Roaches. Unable to deal with the Nydus harass, KawaiiRice tapped out.

Game 3: Terminus RE
Spanishiwa went with a fast expand again, but this time was met by a Bunker rush. Able to hold it off without too much damage being done, Spanishiwa took a third base and started to tech up. KawaiiRice matched Spanishwa by double expanding. Once his economy was booming, KawaiiRice started to crank out tanks and marines, going for the typical Terran crawl. Spanishiwa was able to get out his Broodling, Infestor, Zergling unit composition, hoping to distract KawaiiRice at the Tank push while Nydusing the main. Not one to be fooled, KawaiiRice was able to stop the Nydus and pick off a few Brood Lords in the process. Getting impatient, Spanishiwa tried to run his Zerglings by the Tank push, which wasn’t particularly effective. While this was going on, KawaiiRice managed to drop Spanishiwa’s third, taking out the Hatch. Being down a base, Spanishiwa gged.

Game 4: Metalopolis
Spanishiwa fast expanded while KawaiiRice opened with the one, one, one build. This time Spanishiwa went with Roach tech trying to apply some early pressure. The Roaches met up with a few Marines and Hellions in the middle of the map causing them to quickly retreat back to KawaiiRice’s base. With the Roaches setting up a contain, KawaiiRice shifted gears into Cloaked Banshees. Once a few Banshees were on the field, KawaiiRice dropped his Hellions and Marines into Spanishiwa’s main while harassing with Banshees. This push caused so much damage that Spanishiwa would be unable to recover. After losing all his workers and army, Spanishiwa was forced to gg.

Game 5: Typhon Peaks
Both players did the same opening as the previous game, except this time KawaiiRice went with Tanks and Marines and Spanishiwa went with straight Zergling. KawaiiRice was the first to get aggressive, doing the standard Tank crawl through the destructible rocks. Getting into a nice position where he could shell the Hatchery, KawaiiRice was looking like he was in great shape. Unfortunately, he was unaware that Spanishiwa took a quick third base and was teching to Brood Lords. Once the Brood Lords were on the field, Spanishiwa had no problem forcing KawaiiRice back into his base. After taking so much damage from the Brood Lords, KawaiiRice had no choice but to GG.

Game 6: Xel’naga Caverns
Again, both players did the same opening as the previous game, with KawaiiRice shooting for a Marine Hellion timing push followed by an expansion. Unfortunately for him, Spanishiwa was gearing up for a classic Baneling bust. After catching the Hellions out of position, there was nothing in the was of Spanishiwa’s Banelings except for a few Marines, which they dealt with easily. Spanishiwa managed to kill all but ten of KawaiiRice’s SCV, putting him way in the lead. Using what resources he had left, KawaiiRice managed to get a strong MMM push going, which eventually took down Spanishiwa’s expansion. While this MMM push was going on, Spanishiwa was busy Nydusing KawaiiRice’s main. With Roaches taking out all his workers and production facilities, KawaiiRice had to GG.

Both players put on a fantastic show, highlighting their unique styles and abilities. KawaiiRice’s drop play was looking fantastic, but ultimately was no match for Spanishiwa’s unique Brood Lord centric builds and Nydus abuse. Be sure to tune into next week’s edition of The V to see if Spanishiwa can continue a streak that will rival coL.CrunCher’s.

The V

The compLexity Syndicate is proud to announce week 14 of our Starcraft 2, 1 v 1 initiative, called The V! This week, our new champion Michael “Spanishiwa” Yabut from Vile Gaming will take on Adrian Lok-Yin “KawaiiRice” Kwong from Fnatic. This will be Spanishiwa’s second defense of his title after taking down Spades from VT Gaming last week.

Each week we will invite two professional SC2 players to square off for a $100 cash prize.  The winner will return the next week to take on a new challenger.  In addition, every week we will offer viewers the chance to enter to win great prizes, including the new Sound Blaster Tactic Headset.


Date: 7:00 PM EST
Format: Best of 7
Prize: $100.00 per week
Casting: Shoutcasting by AskJoshy



Michael “Vile.Spanishiwa”
vs. Adrian Lok-Yin “KawaiiRice”



Week 13 – Vile.Spanishiwa > VT.Spades 4-2
Week 12 – Vile.Spanishiwa > ROOT.minigun 4-3
Week 11 – coL.CrunCher < ROOT.minigun 3-4
Week 10
coL.Cruncher >EG.StrifeCro” Shu 4-0
Week 9 coL.CrunCher > LzGaMeR 4-1
Week 8 coL.CrunCher > d.SjoW 4-1-1
Week 7
coL.CrunCher > LGPainUser 4-1
Week 6d.SjoW > EG.Axslav 4-3
Week 5 Slush < EG.Axslav 1-4
Week 4 –
DDE < EG.Axslav 0-4
Week 3
DDE > FXO.Sheth 4-1
Week 2
Liquid Tyler < FXO.Sheth 3-4
Week 1 Liquid Tyler > ROOT.drewbie 4-1


Be sure to mark your calendars and check in every Friday night for some of the best 1v1 action in StarCraft 2!  Tune in to see who can survive the longest in THE V!


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