The V – Week #15

BY Andrew Miesner / May 3, 2011

Post Game

Game 1: Crossfire SE
Spanishiwa, staying true to his unique style, opened with a Hatchery first build into quick Speedlings. Terran on the other hand went with a two Rax Bunker rush build. Despite his lack of Zerglings, Spanishiwa had no problem picking off the SCVs building the Bunkers, ultimately holding off the push. While pushing, Terran expanded to his natural and continued cranking out marines. Unfortunately for Terran, he didn’t wall off his main ramp, allowing a ton of Speedlings to run by his defenses and do substantial damage to his economy. Spanishiwa, staying true to his style, kept taking expansion, teching and droning hard while denying all of Terran’s aggression. Eventually Spanishiwa got his favorite unit composition out (Queens, Infestors, Brood Lords, Speedlings) and moved out across the map. Terran just wasn’t able to handle this Zerg army (especially with with Spanishiwa Transfusing the Brood Lords) and tapped out.

Game 2: Tal’darim Alter
Spanishiwa did his standard opening expect this time he went with Roach play instead of Speedlings. Terran also fast expanded and quickly got out Medivacs. With superior mobility, Terran was able to harass all over the map by dropping Marines at every one of Spanishiwa’s expansions. Eventually Spanishiwa managed to get Ultras and Infestors on the map, but by then Terran had a massive MMM + Tank push in the works. Spanishiwa was forced to GG when he ran out of money and couldn’t defend against the Tank push.

Game 3: Terminus RE
Terran opened the game with a fast expansion and lots of Rax. Spanishiwa stuck with his standard opening of fast expand into Speedlings. He continued to sit back, taking bases and teching up to Brood Lords, Infestors and Ultras. Terran again went with heavy drop play denying almost every expansion for Spanishiwa outside of the two naturals. Once Spanishiwa had his massive force built, he moved across the map looking to pressure Terran. Thanks to some nice Tank placement and some sexy EMPs and Snipes, Terran managed to keep Spanishiwa at bay. With no place to expand and his bank account draining, Spanishiwa was forced to tap out.

Game 4: Metalopolis
As usual, Spanishiwa opened with his standard fast expand where as Terran tried another Bunker rush. This ultimately failed but, never one to be discouraged, Terran quickly shifted gears and got Blue Flame Hellions on the map. Thanks to his impressive micro, Terran was able to do massive amounts of damage to Spanishiwa’s economy. While he was busy trying to get his drone count back up, Terran was massing up for a Tank Marine push. Realizing that he had no means to defend the push, Spanishiwa quickly GG’ed.

Game 5: Typhon Peaks
Looking to recreate the success from the previous game, Terran opened up with a fast Factory with reactor. Spanishiwa did his standard opening. Again, Terran’s Hellion harass was pretty successful in damaging Spanishiwa’s economy. Looking to hard counter these Hellions, Spanishiwa got some Roaches on the field. Unfortunately for him, Terran was already moving across the map with Marines, Mauraders and Tanks. Sieging up between the natural and main of Spanishiwa, Terran was able to inflict massive amounts of damage, eventually causing Spanishiwa to GG.

Both players put on a fantastic show and should be happy with their performances. Unfortunately for Spanishiwa he will not end up matching CrunCher’s four-time champion of The V record and will be forced to hand his crown over to Sixjax.Terran. Be sure to tune in next week to see if Terran can continue the streak.

The V

The compLexity Syndicate is proud to announce week 15 of our Starcraft 2, 1 v 1 initiative, called The V! This week, our new champion Michael “Spanishiwa” Yabut from Vile Gaming will take on Juan “Terran” Lopez from Sixjax Gaming . This will be Spanishiwa’s third defense of his title after taking down KawaiiRice from Fnatic last week.

Each week we will invite two professional SC2 players to square off for a $100 cash prize.  The winner will return the next week to take on a new challenger.  In addition, every week we will offer viewers the chance to enter to win great prizes, including the new Sound Blaster Tactic Headset.


Date: 7:00 PM EST
Format: Best of 7
Prize: $100.00 per week
Casting: Shoutcasting by AskJoshy



Michael “Vile.Spanishiwa”
vs. Juan “Sixjax.Terran” Lopez



Week 14 – Vile.Spanishiwa > Fnatic.KawaiiRice 4-2
Week 13 –
Vile.Spanishiwa > VT.Spades 4-2
Week 12 – Vile.Spanishiwa > ROOT.minigun 4-3
Week 11 – coL.CrunCher < ROOT.minigun 3-4
Week 10
coL.Cruncher >EG.StrifeCro” Shu 4-0
Week 9 coL.CrunCher > LzGaMeR 4-1
Week 8 coL.CrunCher > d.SjoW 4-1-1
Week 7
coL.CrunCher > LGPainUser 4-1
Week 6d.SjoW > EG.Axslav 4-3
Week 5 Slush < EG.Axslav 1-4
Week 4 –
DDE < EG.Axslav 0-4
Week 3
DDE > FXO.Sheth 4-1
Week 2
Liquid Tyler < FXO.Sheth 3-4
Week 1 Liquid Tyler > ROOT.drewbie 4-1


Be sure to mark your calendars and check in every Friday night for some of the best 1v1 action in StarCraft 2!  Tune in to see who can survive the longest in THE V!


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