The V – Week #17

BY Andrew Miesner / May 19, 2011

Post Game

Game 1: Crossfire SE
OpTiKzErO opened the game with the very standard three Gate expansion build. Catz on the other hand, known for his risky play and creativity, opened with a Hatch first at the gold base. Because of the size of the map and the number of Zerglings he produced, Catz was able to defend both bases from any early aggression. Both players continued to macro up, Catz getting Roaches and Zerglings and OpTiKzErO going with the standard Gateway unit composition. The armies skirmished in the middle of the map and after seeing so many Roaches, OpTiKzErO switched tech into Immortals. Unfortunately for him, Catz was just getting Mutalisks out. With almost no anti-air, OpTiKzErO gg’d

Game 2: Tal’Darim Altar
OpTiKzErO opened the game with a Blink Stalker rush, a good choice considering Catz went with a Hatch first into Pool build, relying on Spine Crawlers for defense. Once OpTiKzErO had enough stalkers, he blinked up into Catz’s main, destroying both the Hatchery and the Pool. While this was going on Catz countered, running a handful of Zerglings into OpTiKzErO’s main. Focused on his micro, OpTiKzErO was late to respond to the counter costing him almost all of his workers. After both bases were cleaned up, Catz and OpTiKzErO continued to macro. OpTiKzErO was a little too passive taking expansions, allowing Catz to take the entire map. After getting a pretty sizable Protoss Death Ball, OpTiKzErO pushed out. Catz managed to slow the push with Roaches and Infesters while he was getting Brood Lords on the field. Once OpTiKzErO saw the Brood Lords, he gg’d.

Game 3: Terminus RE
Catz started out the game with a good ol’ seven Pool, catching OpTiKzErO’s Forge fast expand off guard. OpTiKzErO managed to hold the rush, but lost a lot of Probes in the process. OpTiKzErO then got a handful of Stalkers on the field and started to push. Catz easily held the push thanks to some nice Roach micro. After the push was denied, Catz then took the map. Playing out like the last game, OpTiKzErO tried to push again with his Death Ball, but was held by Catz again. With no place to expand and money running low, OpTiKzErO tapped out.

Game 4: Metalopolis
Trying to recreate the results of game one, Catz opened the game with a fast expand to the gold base. OpTiKzErO decided to go with a Stargate rush. Using the Void Ray + Phoenix combo, OpTiKzErO did a fantastic job of Harassing both Catz’s main and gold bases. Catz, not to be out done, was constantly harassing OpTiKzErO’s natural with Zerglings. After getting Hydra tech out, Catz attempted a push. OpTiKzErO managed to hold the push and get Colossus on the field. After spending most of his Larva on the previous attack, Catz had nothing to defend with and was forced to GG.

Game 5: Typhon Peaks
Cats again opened with a hatch first where as OpTiKzErO did his three Gate play. After some initial fencing both players macro’ed up. Again, OpTiKzErO pushed out once he has his Death Ball rolling. This time it was successful thanks to some nice target firing on Infesters and Force Field play. With nothing to defend with, Catz was forced to leave the game.

Game 6: Xel’naga Caverns
Trying the same build as in Game 2, OpTiKzErO opened up with a four Gate Blink Stalker Rush. Catz went with a fast expand into Roach/Zergling. When OpTiKzErO tried to push out, Catz engaged the army with his Roaches while running the Zerglings into his opponent’s main. Again, too focused on his Blink micro, OpTiKzErO was oblivious to the damage being done to his main. Once Catz held off the attack, OpTiKzErO gg’d.

GGs to both players. While OpTiKzErO is a great player, Catz unique style and aggression was just too much. Be sure to tune in next Friday to see if Catz can keep his crown as champion of The V.

The V

The compLexity Syndicate is proud to announce week 16 of our Starcraft 2, 1 v 1 initiative, called The V! This week, our new champion Karl “OpTiKzErO” Angeles from FX will take on Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra from ROOT Gaming . This will be OpTiKzErO’s first defense of his title after taking down Terran from Sixjax Gaming last week.

Each week we will invite two professional SC2 players to square off for a $100 cash prize.  The winner will return the next week to take on a new challenger.  In addition, every week we will offer viewers the chance to enter to win great prizes, including the new Sound Blaster Tactic Headset.


Date: 7:00 PM EST
Format: Best of 7
Prize: $100.00 per week
Casting: Shoutcasting by AskJoshy



Karl “FXOpTiKzErO” Angeles vs. Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra



Week 16 – FXOpTiKzErO > Sixjax.Terran 4-3
Week 15 – Vile.Spanishiwa < Sixjax.Terran 1-4
Week 14 –
Vile.Spanishiwa > Fnatic.KawaiiRice 4-2
Week 13 –
Vile.Spanishiwa > VT.Spades 4-2
Week 12 – Vile.Spanishiwa > ROOT.minigun 4-3
Week 11 – coL.CrunCher < ROOT.minigun 3-4
Week 10
coL.Cruncher >EG.StrifeCro” Shu 4-0
Week 9 coL.CrunCher > LzGaMeR 4-1
Week 8 coL.CrunCher > d.SjoW 4-1-1
Week 7
coL.CrunCher > LGPainUser 4-1
Week 6d.SjoW > EG.Axslav 4-3
Week 5 Slush < EG.Axslav 1-4
Week 4 –
DDE < EG.Axslav 0-4
Week 3
DDE > FXO.Sheth 4-1
Week 2
Liquid Tyler < FXO.Sheth 3-4
Week 1 Liquid Tyler > ROOT.drewbie 4-1


Be sure to mark your calendars and check in every Friday night for some of the best 1v1 action in StarCraft 2!  Tune in to see who can survive the longest in THE V!


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