The V – Week #9

BY Andrew Miesner / March 16, 2011


For the third week in a row CompLexity Gaming’s CrunCher has managed to hold onto his title as champion of The V. In a decisive 4-1 series versus Evil Geniuses’ LzGaMeR, CrunCher showed the audience his wide variety of builds utilizing tactics like gas stealing, quick Phoenix harassment, Warp Prism abuse, and fast Psy Storm.

Game one was held on Xel’naga Caverns. CrunCher opted to do a quick Phoenix build, where as LzGaMeR went with a Marine, Siege Tank, Hellion build. CrunCher’s air dominance allowed him to keep Lz’s worker count low, allowing for an easy win.

Game two was on Shattered Temple and saw CrunCher utilizing Warp Prisms to warp in High Templar into Lz’s worker lines. Lz focused on a Marine Marauder build, banking on mobility to net him the win. Much like game one, by keeping Lz’s worker count low, CrunCher handily took the win.

Game three was on Crossfire SE. CrunCher went with a standard four Warp Gate rush, planting the pylon just outside the destructible rocks. Lz went with a standard Marine Marauder build. As CrunCher started to bring down the destructible rock, Lz moved his army out seemingly oblivious to CrunCher’s aggression. Luckily for Lz, by moving out just then, he forced a base trade situation. Ultimately through some nice micro, Lz took the win.

Game four was on Metalopolis. CrunCher went with another quick air build, this time mixing in some Void Rays with the Phoenixes. Lz decided to stick with the Marine Marauder tactic that netted him game 3. Fortunately for CrunCher, Lz went light on the Marines meaning CrunCher had complete visibility of Lz’s base for most of the game. CrunCher was able to tech to Colussus and bring down Lz’s army for the win.

The last game was played on Typhon Peaks. CrunCher went with a Four Warp Gate rush against Lz’s Marine Marauder. Thanks to some clever force fields and some quick micro, CrunCher was able to catch Lz’s army out of position and bring the series home.

Both players showed a tremendous amount of skill and put on some great games. Congratulations to CrunCher for keeping his spot as champion of The V. Hopefully he can make it four weeks in a row.

The V

The compLexity Syndicate is proud to announce week 9 of our Starcraft 2, 1 v 1 initiative, called The V! This week,  defending champion Abdulaziz “coL.CrunCher” Abed from CompLexity Gaming will take on Jacob “LzGaMeR” Winstead from Team EG. This will be CrunChers first week defending his title as the sole V Champion, after taking down Jeffrey “SjoW” Brusi last week in an early 5:00PM EST edition of the event. This week, CrunCher and LzGaMeR will battle it out at the standard time of 7PM EST.

Each week we will invite two professional SC2 players to square off for a $100 cash prize.  The winner will return the next week to take on a new challenger.  In addition, every week we will offer viewers the chance to enter to win great prizes, including the new Sound Blaster Tactic Headset.



Date: 7:00 PM EST
Format: Best of 7
Prize: $100.00 per week
Casting: Shoutcasting by AskJoshy



Abdulaziz “coL.CrunCher”
vs. Jacob “LzGaMeR” Winstead



Week 8 coL.CrunCher > d.SjoW 4-1-1
Week 7
coL.CrunCher > LGPainUser 4-1
Week 6d.SjoW > EG.Axslav 4-3
Week 5 Slush < EG.Axslav 1-4
Week 4 –
DDE < EG.Axslav 0-4
Week 3
DDE > FXO.Sheth 4-1
Week 2
Liquid Tyler < FXO.Sheth 3-4
Week 1 Liquid Tyler > ROOT.drewbie 4-1


Be sure to mark your calendars and check in every Friday night for some of the best 1v1 action in StarCraft 2!  Tune in to see who can survive the longest in THE V!


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