TheStC Advances to Round of 16

BY Andrew Miesner / April 29, 2013

Today marks the beginning of the Premier League in WCS North America. After qualifying in the heavily stacked qualifier tournament as one of the eight that made it through, compLexity’s very own Choi “TheStC” Yun Sik will help kick off Group F tonight at 8PM EDT. His group will feature Team Liquid’s Snute, and ROOT’s theognis and ViBE.

The group stage will follow the same format that has been used in GSL now WCS Korea. This means the four players in the group will be randomly seeded and then will be split into two matches. The winners of the opening set of matches will face each other to determine who is first place in the group. The losers from the opening matches will face each other to vye for a chance to advance into the next round. The losers of the winners match will go against te winner of the losers match to take the last spot to advance with the winner to the next round.


ROOTheognis  0 VS  2 Liquid`Snute
coL.TheStC  2 VS  1 ROOTViBE
Liquid`Snute  1 VS  2 coL.TheStC
ROOTheognis   VS   ROOTViBE
Liquid`Snute   VS   Winner of Match 4

Map Pool

  • WCS America Neo Planet S
  • WCS America Whirlwind
  • WCS America Akilon Wastes
  • WCS America Bel’Shir Vestige
  • WCS America Cloud Kingdom
  • WCS America Daybreak
  • WCS America Star Station (Cross Spawns Only)