TheSTC @ Dreamhack Valencia 2013

BY Andrew Miesner / July 18, 2013

Beginning today, compLexity’s Choi Yun Sik (“TheStC”) is in Valencia, Spain for the Dreamhack Open 2013 at Dreamhack Valencia. Action is set to begin at 12:00CEST, 6 EDT.

DreamHack Open was launched last year and now returns to bring you some of the best tournaments and eSports shows in the world. DreamHack Open 2013 keeps the core from last year including the appreciated tournament format and the praised Playoff-Show with the final eight players battling it out in front of an on-site live audience and DreamHack’s unique live stream experience. Also, all matches will be live streamed in Free HD (720p) just like all DreamHack events in the past.


  1. 60 000 SEK
  2. 35 000 SEK
  3. 20 000 SEK
  4. 20 000 SEK
  5. 10 000 SEK
  6. 10 000 SEK
  7. 10 000 SEK
  8. 10 000 SEK


In addition to this, DreamHack will present many improvements for 2013. For example, all top 8 competitors will get prize money in all tournaments. Their main focus will be to create an even better experience for competitors and fans at each competition, including new Player Booths, a revamped Stage set-up and new broadcast/interview areas that will give the viewers at home a new broadcast experience with fewer breaks between matches.




coL.TheSTC 0 VS 2 HyuN
Playoffs Bracket – Round 1
coL.TheSTC 2 VS 1 MarineLorD
Group Stage #3
coL.TheSTC 2 VS 1 TargA
Group Stage #3
coL.TheSTC 1 VS 2 Jaedong
Group Stage #3
coL.TheSTC 2 VS 1 Scream
Group Stage #2
coL.TheSTC 2 VS 0 WaKa
Group Stage #2