TheUltimateGamer: E3 2009

BY Andrew Miesner / May 30, 2009

E3 2009

Written by Earl “TheUltimateGamer” Lovings

The big 3, along with gamings other biggest companies, come together in June for what is known to gamers as Christmas in the Summer.
Amidst all the console warring, drop in the economy, and hot off the heels of the worst E3 showing of years past, 2009 shows plenty of promise and gives gamers a new hope. A hope for a new tomorrow when it comes to the hardcore audience. A hope that one day, all console wars will come to an end and we can all game in peace…… Ok, maybe I’m sounding a little mellow dramatic but, GOD, E3 2008 was, pardon my French, Shit. It was like going to an ugly pageant and trying to pick the best looking thing there. Final Fantasy XIII going to the 360 was the only thing that shocked, awed, and blew up the internet. God of War 3 was expected, really…… and Nintendo……………….. ………………… ……………. Need I say more? But this year, everything has been kept close to the hilt. Which, in my opinion, is a total shock. Normally, we come to know what to expect the hyped week before the big bang. This year, kind of different. Predictions are always fun to try, and shooting into the dark is no different. So, why not toss The Ultimate Gamer cap into the squared-circle and see what not only I think, but YOU, the reader does as well. So, lets go from last to first in the console war sales and see some strengths, weaknesses, and make some predictions on what could be coming into this years E3.


Strengths: Best console, graphics wise. Sales starting to pick up slightly. InFamous has some strong support in the review department. Metal Gear Solid is still PS3 exclusive.
Weakness: Too expensive in the economy that we have now. A “okay” library of exclusives. Microsoft gaining 2 of their biggest exclusives last year (FF and Tekken).
Sony has a lot of work needed to get their horse back into the saddle for 2009-10. With the show going back to the L.A. convention center, this could be the place where Sony blows your freakin mind man. With the PS3 gaining a little head steam, and the PS2 still alive (WHAT!?!?), something tells me that they are a dark horse coming into the show this year. Yet, at the same time, they could be the team that has a weak showing. Without their powerful exclusives from a year ago, and nothing really huge to surprise the fans that we know of, we could be in for a boring show.
*PS3 price cut
Its needed, desperately. If not at E3, then by the holidays for maximum sales, and maybe a “leg up” going into next year.
Odds of this happening: 15:1
* Sony has exclusives up their sleeve.
Let’s face it, Sony needs some MAJOR exclusives to bring the thunder on Tuesday of next week. What they will be? I don’t know. But knowing Sony, they can get the job done.
Odds of this happening: 5:1
*Sony motion sensor controller seeing light.
Yes, the PS3 controller has built in motion sensitivity, but its not as strong as some would have you believe. This rumor has flown the coup ever since the Wii launched. Will it be laid to rest?
Odds: 500:1
*Final Fantasy VII gets a PS3 remake. Chrono Trigger gets a sequel.

Remember the brown noise effect from that episode of South Park? Imagine if at least 1 of those come true.
Odds: 1,000:1
All the best of wishes to Sony next week during E3.


Strengths: One of hardcore gamings biggest supporters. Online gamings best bud. Exclusive library to die for. Online DLC is raking it in. Xbox Live is the place to be after school.
Weaknesses: A lot of the major games that Microsoft had up its sleeve, came out early, or last year. Losing steam in sales. Not very many surprises that we know of.
Lets face it, In my opinion, Microsoft has everything and a bag of chips, cookies, and takes the cake before you can even get a bite. 4 years of experience and the 2 main things we have to worry about is the RRoD and that dreaded #72. Other than that, what’s not to love? Even though, I’m trying so hard not to sound Microsoft fanboyish, its kinda hard not to when you look at its competition. So, before I stick my foot in my mouth, I think its time to see the potential announcements coming from Microsoft on Monday.
* Metal Gear Solid 4 comes to the 360.

One of the biggest, if not most teasing-est, rumors/announcements blowing up the web as you read this. I wish Monday were here already so people would shut the hell up about it. Makes me sick just hearing the fanboys bicker about it.
Odds: 15:1
* Microsoft shows off its motion sensitive……thing

While it comes to no shock that this might be a possibility, it still amazes me that people are copying a gimmick. Praying that this isn’t true,
Odds: 20:1
*Gears of War 3, Halo 4, or a Final Fantasy Vii re-make as a 360 exclusive.

Brown Noise again.
Odds: 10,000:1
*360 gets Blu-Ray

Shooting in the dark at this point.
Odds: 1,000,000:1
Best of wishes to Microsoft next week.


Strengths: Riding the wave of money flowing in from the Wii, DS, and Dsi. Has a brand new market in their millions of pockets. Can wipe their ass with $100 bills.
Wiiknesses: NO hardcore titles in the pipeline for the holidays. Shovelware Central. Weakest in graphic strength. The dreaded Friend Codes. Cammy..
How this one trick show pony is making the most money and kicking the tar out of everything else is just AMAZING to say the least. The one question that is on a lot of peoples mind at this point in time is, how?. How has this become so popular? How has this not died off yet? How come the Wii has such high sales and NO hardcore titles that everyone doesn’t own yet? I could go on until next Tuesday. Nintendo has a HUGE ego, and last year, they showed just how large it was. Basically, they F U’d the entire Nintendo nation last year at E3. That F U was so large, that they actually said they were sorry a month or so after the show. Ironic? I think not.. Nintendo knows it needs a great showing this year to make up for the crap on a platter they served their hardcore fan base for the past 2 years.
* Wii HD is announced.
Why not? Its been rumored to happen by 2010 and Nintendo has the money to do it by now. Hell, maybe they could Blu-ray it up at this point.
Odds: 25:1
*Wii Fit Plus announced
Patent? Check. Biggest gaming convention coming up? Check. Big ass Ego? Double Check.
Odds: 5:1
* Cammy causes massive fetal position cry fest around the globe. Not to sound dickish, but really, we could use less Cammy, and more Reggie/game announcements. Last year, it took everything not to want to shoot my eardrums out with a bb gun.
Odds: 1:1
* New Legend of Zelda/Mario in the works for Christmas/Early next year..
God, I pray that this comes true.
Odds: 12:1
* Kid Icarus, Starfox, F-Zero, Ice Climbers, and Earthbound get something here in NA.
Did I actually hit something in the dark? Maybe. Where is the damn light switch?
Odds: 50:1 on any of them.
Best of wishes to Nintendo at E3.….. Your gonna need it.
Well, that wraps up my E3 09 prediction/odds game. Let’s see what you guys have to say!
Have fun. Post E3 09 grading on all of the big 3 press conferences, plus some awards coming…. well, post E3. See you guys then.