thoMz interviewed by SK

BY Andrew Miesner / November 19, 2009

Our very own Thomas “thoMz” Garcia has done an interview over at SK Gaming. Commenting on his matches, his current and former teammates, as well as plans for 2010, he gives a great read.

An excerpt can be seen below:

coL has a public image now as a team of players who attend school and so won’t be able to make it to a lot of international tournaments each year. How true is that situation now for coL in comparison to the rest of 2009 and how do you see it playing out in 2010?

With 3 of us attending college right now, including myself, it’s very hard to schedule in a lot this year, especially for dboorN and Irukandji, but for 2010 we are taking semesters off from our studies and are willing to put forth every inch of effort into CS and competing through-out the whole of 2010.

Playing against international competition hasn’t worked out well so far in your career so how have you found those experiences and how do you feel about coL traveling to Dreamhack to compete against that calibre of competition soon?

Watching the top teams play actually makes me as a player want to get better and compete. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve played those types of teams, right now though coL’s mindset and goals are the same and I feel really confident and prepared in a sense. Dreamhack is a test. ESEA was a wake up call.


The interview in its entirety can be viewed here.