Three things to look for at the Madden Challenge

BY Andrew Miesner / November 6, 2009

A lot has been said across forums and blogs for the Madden competition coming this weekend at the MLG Anaheim event. From rule changes, to who has the ability to take the event, not much consensus has been had over what might be seen at the Anahiem tournament.

Coming in with their own take is Glenn, from over at Get Your Tournament, who is giving us three things to look for at the upcoming event. An excerpt can be seen below:

Those are some descriptive words that will probably be used more than others. Some players will enter this tournament hoping that they can gain a measure of redemption following their performance in Dallas. Other players see this as an opportunity to shine, either because they didn’t compete in Dallas or because they have improved on their game since that tournament.

I have one word in mind: Improvement. The first two tournaments of a Madden Challenge season are the most intriguing because of how quickly players change schemes. In the past, everyone comes into the first tournament with something unique, something that will help them get to the Promised Land aka the Finals Tournament. And if they don’t win, they spend that whole night changing their scheme to get ready for the second tournament.

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