To Hardwire and Back

BY Andrew Miesner / June 26, 2009

The former Crack Clan had just recently announced that it was joining up with the organization Hardwire. Just 4 days later, the team has parted ways due to contractual obligations not being fullfilled. This has lead the team to return to its previous home, Astralis.

The manager for the team had this to say to

“What went wrong with hardwire is that copyR [Hardwire leader] sent us a contract we were ready to sign, he had promised us to pay everything and in the end, he did not pay anything at all,” Astralis manager Sune “crZy” Hansen told

“He just came up with a bunch of excuses and reasons for not paying.”

The current Astralis roster consists of:

Jusso “contE” Sajakoski
Samu “plastE” Aalto
Max “ruuit” Aspe
Jirka “jigetuS” Ryhti
Atte “VIDI” Hyväkkä