tr1p Interviewed by ESEANews

BY Andrew Miesner / March 7, 2011

Former CompLexity star Cory “tr1p” Dodd was interviewed by ESEANews recently. In the interview, tr1p discusses what he’s been since he retired from gaming, as well as jumping naked into a pool post-CGI Invitational. The interview is a must read for everyone that remembers Cory and the dedication to the teams he was a part of.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:


What were your biggest disappointments in gaming?

My biggest low’s in gaming were probably CPL winter 2006? My team coL had a very rough month by placing very low in multiple tournaments throughout the fall after our CPL summer win. We just didn’t want to win as bad as we normally did… it was like we were burned or something. Throughout that whole CPL there was so much talk of Source being the next thing and 1.6 was dead that it was just a very awkward feeling knowing this was probably it for 1.6 I had a few conversations with Jason Lake really questioning if this was the best thing for gaming by playing CSS for DirecTV. I truely felt like I was selling out for some pay day which I knew deep down wouldn’t last.

What were the most memorable victories you’ve had?

I guess my best victories would basically be my favorite moments since I am such a competitive person ;). I guess I can say a few matches that really stick out. I think it was winter CPL 2004 when United 5 beat team3D on cpl mill to eventually be the best American placing team from out of no where. Then there was mouz on inferno with coL as we had such a great run at that CPL event as like a 50th seed or something. I of course have to say Lunatic Hi on train at ESWC 2006 as it was I guess my legacy moment. My final most memorable moment would have to be winning the CGS with the EG guys as it was on the biggest stage ever… Live TV. Shoutout to all the Chimera Crew great times! Love you DKT!


Read the full interview by clicking here.