Twixz Interviewed & On WoWverload

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2010

Update: Twixz was also featured on ESL TV’s WoWverload, along with coL’s resident WoW expert, Yiska. Below is the official release:


The latest WoWverload show featured a lot of interviews with players around the globe attending the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. James ‘Toogood‘ Harding and David ‘Shawn‘ Kugelmann presented a detailed preview on the World Championship. They talked to SK.Another, SK.noonia, coL.Yiska und coL.twixz during the show to give you some impressions of the players of the upcoming competition at CeBIT 2010.


Recentely, coL.Black’s Mike “Twixz” Shane was interviewed by Button Bashers, the home of one of WoW’s best teams. The interview talks about coL.Black’s practice schedule as well as the upcoming ESL IEM Global Finals being held at CeBit in Hannover, Germany. Below is an excerpt from the interview:


According to sources, there is a good possibility that The Global Finals could be played with season 8 gear. With the recent changes towards more balance in PvP, Do you feel that you will have a significant advantage with the new gear or do you think that you could survive RMP’s burst better with season 5 gear?

I’m not sure as to which would be better for us, since for lans we are use to playing on s5 gear now playing on s8 would be different. I just hope an announcement is made soon as to what gear set will be used with 3 weeks to go it would be nice to know if we should practice s5 gear or not.

We saw two new sponsored teams play and qualify at the Asian championships in Taipei. How do you think they will do when matched up against the current European and American Teams?

I must say there was a lot of hype around the new SK.Korea team, but I’m not sure it was fully lived up to. Both teams where able to qualify so they without a doubt deserve the slots in the global finals, group A could potentially be a good group for them with the amount of rogues/mages/locks in the group I can see these 2 teams having a shot to stir things up.

You are, without a doubt, one of the more helpful players within the WoW eSports community. Not only do you help new players help learn and run your comp but you help sponsors by getting more players involved within their own communities. What motivates you to lend that helping hand and help grow the WoW eSports community as a whole?

I think it’s important if we want to get WoW going (which it already is). Most people are bias towards not liking WoW without even knowing much about the game, so I just try to help make people realize just cause it’s WoW doesn’t mean the teams playing are total nerds compared to pro players of other games and stuff like that. This answer could be very long but I’ll just use that one example and leave it at that for now.


You can read the full interview by clicking here