TyLoo To Miss ESWC

BY Andrew Miesner / June 29, 2010

Unfortunately for TyLoo.raw, the team has determined that they are unable to cover the expenses to attend ESWC in Paris, France. This comes as no shock after it was announced that TyLoo would have to pay their way to the event. TyLoo originally confirmed that they were unable to attend due to this.

However, with a recent announcement from ESWC that TyLoo would be getting their visas and attending the event, most figured the issues were behind them. Today, however, it was announced that the team would be unable to make the event.

This leaves only 2 teams in Group F, coL and Na`Vi. As a result of this, K1ck has been moved from Group D to Group F, bringing the group back to 3 teams. Group D will also consist of 3 teams now.

Group D

DK mTw
DE Alternate
BA eu4ia

Group F

UA Natus Vincere
US compLexity
PT k1ck eSports Club