UK’s Gamer Of The Year 2010

BY Andrew Miesner / December 24, 2010

Today on PCGamer UK, 2010’s Gamer of the Year was announced, with Sean ‘Day [9]‘ Plott taking home this year’s honors. Sean is known by gamers for his amazing Scarcraft II comentary and video tutorials, but at one time he was also a professional Starcraft: Brood Wars player.

Below is an excerpt from the announcement on PCGamer UK:


But there’s a business sense behind the webcam dancing. StarCraft II’s rise has shoved e-sports back to the top of the PC agenda, with organisations such as Major League Gaming in the West setting a course for development. Sean’s life has been intrinsically tied to competitive gaming, and he’s got plans. “I definitely think that StarCraft II is going to be long remembered as the game that made an e-sports dent in people’s minds. I see e-sports having a position between sports as seen on television and chess. Ten years ago, when e-sports first rose to public consciousness, virtually all the content that was produced had an executive producer at the head, hired to just bark orders at people. But executive producers don’t get gaming. Gaming is not an activity, it’s a lifestyle. What do I do on a Friday night? If I’m a party hound, I’m going to get trashed. If I’m a gamer, I’m gonna be gaming. No one really got that ten years ago, but the people that grew up with it are starting to get these jobs.”

Even if he’s the man to lead the charge, I can’t see Sean dropping his daily duties. Nowhere else in gaming can you find a personality so welcoming, patient, and selfeffacing. I get the impression that even with a fraction of the monumental audience he has with each entry, Sean would still be in his room, talking to his computer about the game he adores. “The absolute best part about doing the dailies is when someone says something like, ‘Dude, I’ve been in the silver league since the start of StarCraft, and now I’m a diamond, and I give you credit for that.’” That genuine desire to help his fellow nerds makes him our gamer of the year.


The full article can be found by clicking here.