United Gaming 6v6 league

BY Andrew Miesner / March 14, 2009

United Gaming Clan is proud to announce a 6v6 league for Team Fortress 2 players. Here are some some information on the 6v6 league.

Preseason Matches: Starting April
Match Day:  Every Wednesdays.
Class Limits: 1 Med, 1 demo and 2 for other classes.
Weapons: All allowed except Sandman, no crits, no damage spread.
Clan Leaders have total team control, including access to web-integrated match comms.

Your team can do well in our new league, join us now and setup your team in time to start on April 1st.
The UGC League has provided a solid league environment for TF teams since 2002. Most of our Admins have over 10 years experience competing in leagues and have many years experience as clan leaders, community leaders, server admins and League Admins. We work hard to provide a fair playing field for all teams of any skill level.

For more information visit United Gaming Clans website here. Any questions, comments or concerns you can pm one of the follow admins: UGC Admin Team – Fornaught, TruckerPete, Muriamme, Cygnus, Gaunt