Updated: MLG Addresses Stream Issues; Free HD Passes

BY Andrew Miesner / April 2, 2011



Since our previous update regarding our stability issues with our LIVE broadcast, we have been working on-site to further identify the problem.

Our tech team has determined that our broadcast streams are being interrupted because of issues with equipment operated by the local internet service provider in Dallas. We continue to explore an alternative distribution method in order to deliver an uninterrupted live broadcast for the remainder of the weekend.
In the meantime, MLG casters will begin commentating replays from the tournament and we will continue to release replay files as quickly as we can get them uploaded.
Due to the inconvenience, those that purchased MLG HQ passes can opt for a full refund or a free pass for the MLG HQ for the Columbus Pro Circuit event.  Refunds and pass credits will be accommodated next week and further instructions will be provided in the coming days. In the meantime, we have stopped selling MLG HQ passes, and will not resume until we are comfortable with the stability and quality of the viewing experience.
Thank you for your continued patience.


In response to the numerous connectivity issues experienced by viewers around the world as they tuned in to watch the MLG Dallas 2011 event, MLG has announced that any viewers who paid for an HD pass for this event would be receiving a free pass for MLG Columbus in June. MLG has also stated that their technical staff has continued to work on the stream to improve the network.

Last night, as we began our live broadcast, our site crashed due to high traffic. Following the site restoration, our streams remain difficult to access. We offer our sincere apologies for the issues you experienced last night and are continuing to experience. 

More than twice the number of people we expected, from 128 countries, have tuned in to watch the Dallas event. We were simply underprepared for the epic traffic.

Our tech teams have been working tirelessly all night to improve the stability of the site and streams to give you the best possible viewing experience. We have optimized and expanded our infrastructure and the broadcast continues to improve.  We are continuing to monitor the system to make enhancements so you can keep watching.  

For those that purchased HQ passes for Dallas, we will be providing you with free passes to watch the HQ streams of our Columbus Pro Circuit Tournament on  June 3-5.  We will follow up with you individually with more details.

We know that you deserve the best broadcast possible and we want to bring that to you.  We are constantly evolving our streams and offerings to ensure that we deliver all the live action and excitement that takes place at our Pro Circuit Competitions. 

Please continue to bear with us as we repair the issues, and thanks for your patience.

Major League Gaming