User Gallery – Showcase Your Gear!

BY Andrew Miesner / August 7, 2009

Have you recentely purchased some new coL gear? Want to show it off to other coL fans? We are proud to announce our newest feature on the site, the User Gallery! To access the User Gallery, simply click here or go to Galleries and click the User Gallery banner at the top.

The purpose of this gallery is for users to upload pictures of coL products that they have won/purchased through the site or its sponsors. Any photos not meeting the criteria of having a coL product shown will not be approved and will be deleted from the site. Since we also track who is uploading which photos it would be within your best interest to not upload anything NSFW. All photos must be approved by admins before being available to the public.

We will be using this User Gallery for future contests, so be sure to get your picture on the site TODAY!