Valve fixes jumping sound

BY Andrew Miesner / May 20, 2009

Valve has released an update to fix the jumping sound. Teams will be able to do Russian jumping and boosting with out being heard by their opponents.


Counter-Strike 1.6

Rolled back recent silent walking exploit fixes as we investigate less impactful ways of preventing the bug
Adjusted bomb bounding box to prevent silent plant exploit
Fix to eliminate or significantly reduce “flashbugs”
Fixed status icons (buy zone, bomb zone, etc) disappearing when starting a recording, or issuing a fullupdate
Prevent creating aliases using the same name as existing cvars
Rate limit fullupdate and some other commands to prevent spamming
Fixed an issue with grenades where they could go into an area and bounce infinitely, causing the server to choke and or crash “

The update will be applied when you restart your steam client.

Source: Steam