Valve Overhauls TF2 Scout Class

BY Andrew Miesner / February 17, 2009

Update: The first 3 updates have already been announced with the Sandman, 2 new maps (cp_junction & arena_watchtower), an energy drink and now.. achievements! They will be announcing 3 more updates within the coming days and #4 within the next few hours. The Scout Class is shaping up to be a real powerhouse.. Stay tuned!

Valve Software, the makers of Team Fortress 2 has officially announced a major overhaul for the Scout class to be released February 24th. In unique fashion as Valve always seems to do, they will be releasing a total of 6 updates to the speed-driven class with the first being a brand new Louisville slugger-style melee weapon. They’re calling it The Sandman, and it allows the Scout to smack enemies from a distance with a baseball. The baseball will daze the attacked player for a period of time and giving the Scout a clear chance to move in for the final blow.

This and more is to be revealed for the ever-popular Scout class, with Valve announcing an update each day up until February, 24th. Be sure to keep it locked to as we bring you all the updates! Stay tuned.

Official TF2 Scout Updates:

1) The Sandman
cp_junction & arena_watchtower
3) Energy Drink + Achievements
4) To Be Announced
5) To Be Announced
6) To Be Announced

TF2 Scout Official Updates Website: HERE