Valve Releases Official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

BY Andrew Miesner / September 1, 2011

Before the StarCraft II, Halo, Cross Counter, and MOBA teams, compLexity Gaming was the premier North American Counter-Strike origination. To this day the big boss man Jason Lake often brings up how important Counter-Strike was to the eSports movement.

A few weeks ago word got out that Valve is working on the next generation of Counter-Stike, dubbed Counter-Stike: Global Offensive. Offering gamers the same classic gameplay with a fresh coat of paint along with a few new toys, hopes are high that CSGO will help reenforce the current eSports boom. However, some gamers are skeptical. In hopes of stifling these skeptics, Valve has released a new trailer showing off some CSGO gameplay.

After checking out the trailer below, leave a comment letting up know what you think. Will CSGO play an important role in eSports like it’s predecessors? What do you guys think about the new toys like the Molotov Cocktails and noise grenades? Good think gamers don’t have to wait too long seeing how CSGO is slated to arrive on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in early 2012.