Valve with Updates

BY Andrew Miesner / April 28, 2009

Tony Sergi was reading the forum on the new Counter-Strike Beta, when he discovered the flashbugs. It took vavle a few years to find the bugs, but only about 10 minutes to fix them.

This is what Tony Sergi had to say:

Lol, it was actually less than an hour, more like 10 minutes. I read the thread, went for a smoke, had an idea for what’s causing it from the youtube video tested it out unmodified to duplicate the bug (by making the flashbang not explode for 20 seconds so i could get into position), went ‘hmmm..’, made the change to attempt to fix it, went in and tested again, no flash in tunnel. but i can still be flashed under normal circumstance.
In a nutshell.. that’s my process for anything. Cigarette absolutely required.

Valve also released another patch for CS 1.6 Beta, which is suppose to fix the sound glitches with the Russian jumpings.

Beta update: 04/27/09

The beta has been updated with the following changes:
* full duck jumping doesn’t make any sound as before
* walk jumping DOES still make a sound, but it’s 65% quieter than a normal one.
* movement penalty now happens after 2 or more successive incomplete duck movements, not the first.
* the unduck penalty does not get applied after you’ve jumped – this caused the jumping penalty to be reduced.

The reason ‘walk jumping’ still makes a sound is because there is no concrete way to determine if the user was actually walking for real, and not just pressing walk long enough for the sound to not play. The purpose of this sound at all, is to eliminate silent pogo bouncing. You may not go full speed when you do it, but if you time your jumps correctly you can pogo around the level silently at a slightly reduced speed, while this may not be critical, it’s still something that shouldn’t be happening, and was actually a side effect (bug) of another fix from years ago – the penalty for bouncing around.