VIDEO: Cross Counter: Gootecks & Mike Ross — compLexity Gaming, MvC3 Rumors, Fanatiq, and more

BY Andrew Miesner / July 16, 2011

Gootecks and Mike Ross are finally back in the States, and the comfy confines of Cross Counter studios! The two discuss in further detail their recent signing to compLexity Gaming and responsibilities in managing the fighting game division of the team, including their signings of Combofiend and Filipino Champ. Then they discuss the big month in fighting games, with SBO qualifiers this weekend, San Diego Comic-Con the next (with rumored MvC3 announcements coming), and the granddaddy of them all, EVO 2011 at the end of the month. They also talk a bit about MvC pad player Fanatiq, who recently stopped by the studios to run some sets.