VIDEO: Gootecks & Mike Ross – Wed. Night Fights at Super Arcade: Season Premiere

BY Andrew Miesner / September 12, 2011

n this special on-location episode of Cross Counter, Gootecks and Mike Ross revisit the legendary Super Arcade in Walnut, California, which is now the new home of Wednesday Night Fights! Hosted and streamed by Level|Up and Offcast, the season kickoff of the weekly tournament event appeared to pack the most people into a single arcade in DECADES! Join Gootecks and Mike as they tour the hot venue and run into famous faces such as Super Arcade manager Mike Watson, Level|Up President Alex Valle, Viscant, Clockw0rk, AndyOCR, and many more. Who says the arcade scene is dead? Not in SoCal at least, and if you’re a fighting game fanatic who doesn’t live here… don’t you wish you did?