VIDEO: Gynsingg’s Songs of the Summoned 2 Contest Entry

BY Andrew Miesner / August 11, 2011

compLexity’s own Josh “Gynsingg” Anderson has submitted his entry for for the League of Legends Songs of the Summoned 2 Contest held by Riot Games.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

  • Songs can’t be longer than 3 minutes long!
  • The song can be a parody, or an original composition.
  • The lyrics must be written by you, and have a clear League of Legends theme.
  • You must perform the music yourselves, so no singing over pre-recorded songs. (Sampling is okay!)
  • We strongly encourage you to perform your song in English, but we’ll accept any of our supported languages including: German, French, Polish and Spanish.
  • Please keep the content appropriate for a PG-13 audience.
  • There will be up to 5 prizes awarded per band. Even if there are 15 people in the band, only 5 are eligible for prizes.
  • Bitrate must be at least 160kbps and be high quality. Go borrow someone’s awesome microphone!
  • Songs must be uploaded to YouTube in video format, with your summoner name(s) and region (NA / EU-W / EU-NE) in the description.
  • Be ready to supply a full MP3 (and/or WAV / Lossless format) as soon as winners are announced!


Songs of the Summoned 2 Contest Entry


View the official contest page by clicking here.