Volcano in ESEA Top 100

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2009

Our very own Sal “Volcano” Garozzo has been given the honor of being one of ESEA’s Top 100.

Impact and legacy Volcano’s impact has been significant on all of his teams. He seems to have always been that skilled but reserved player who has never been pinpointed as a major part of his team’s success. With zEx people look at shaGuar or sunman’s play, with tsg they saw storm and Dominator etc etc. It wasn’t until he joined 3D until Volcano’s real talents were fully appreciated it, most notably as despite having a stacked roster that team often underachieved and so his consistently good play was a bright spot in occasionally murky weather. As a North American it is hard to ignore a player who can finish top 4 three times in 4 years at ESWC, arguably the hardest CS competition in the history of the game.

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