Volt-Gaming with New Roster

BY Andrew Miesner / January 7, 2009

Volt-Gaming are proud to announce the acquisition of a new 1.6 team, featuring some of the best players Sweden has to offer. The team is compromised of a core 5, players of which have featured in MeetYourMakers, Begrip and Playzone squads previously.

The Volt-Gaming 1.6 team is as follows:

  • Mathias ‘seazon’ Clausen
  • Fredrik ‘JAEGARN’ Andersson
  • Faruk ‘pita’ Pita
  • Andreas ‘moddii’ Fridh
  • Daniel ‘danne’ Öhrlund

Statement from Volt-Gaming’s CO-CEO Jonas “akselsson” Axelsson:

I am very proud to introduce our new team. We are really looking forward to spend some great times with these guys and we do really believe in them. I think we are about to see some exciting matches against the Swedish top teams just in a few weeks

Statement from Volt-Gaming’s 1.6 Captain Fredrik ‘JAEGARN’ Andersson:

It´s really great to be back on a active level in counter-strike. Im looking forward to playing under the wings of Volt-Gaming, that im sure will be a stable organisation for us in the future. It´s a new year with alot of opportunities and i hope to achieve alot with these guys.

The team will be showcasing next weekend at the Inferno Online League Gaming Tournament under the Volt-Gaming banner, facing some of Swedens greatest. Everyone here at Volt wishes the team the best of luck for 2009.