Vote for coL.HS in Blizzard Stream Awards!

BY Andrew Miesner / March 11, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

The presence and love streamers receive in the game of Hearthstone is unprecedented in the world of eSports. No other game is so faithful and loyal to their favorite personalities, no other game has such clash in Twitch chat between fans and haters of particular streamers. In light of that fact, being nominated in one of the three categories Blizzard has put up these days is an honor.

Three categories and a total of six nomination for compLexity stars are the reward for a year of constant entertainment provided on their personal streams. The initial member and original coL cardslinger David ‘Dog’ Caero is not only on a roll in the competition these days, but he also scored big in the nomination process of the award season. Nominated in all three categories, the Texas boy has great chances to further solidify his legacy in the game. Ever since signing with coL his star has been on the rise at an impressive rate, these nominations are validation for his efforts beyond the scope of the competitive arena.

Kacem ‘Noxious’ Khilaji and Jeffrey ‘SjoW’ Brusi are the other two compLexity players that got recognition by Blizzard and go in the race for the prestigious awards. For SjoW two categories are up for grabs, as the popular Swede and streaming workhorse is not just considered as an educational streamer, but also has a fair shot at taking home the “Best Streamer of 2014” award. In that category, maybe the biggest of them all, all three coL players have received the nod, as Noxious’ name is in the list as well. The entertaining stream atmosphere of the Canadian is one of the most beloved features of his, netting him a nomination alongside the big guns of Hearthstone like Trump, Kripp, Hafu, Kolento, Amaz and Savjz.

Now it’s up to the fans to push their favorites ahead and crown them the best streamers of 2014. Raise your votes for Dog, Noxious or SjoW and make them the best.