W3Games Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / January 28, 2009

The upcoming 2009 WorldWide Web Games Championship series will be officially underway with a $400,000 prize pot and will attempt to turn some of the world’s casual gamers into gaming all-stars. The founding companies GSN and WorldWinner have decided to bestow this great competition among the casual gamers of the world and call it the W3Games. It should be interesting to see what type of devotion and training is needed to be a champion of casual games. The Champsionship series will be a year long event and will feature the following game titles: Wheel of Fortune, Big Money, Solitare Rush and Bejeweled 2.

Chief Marketing Officer of WorldWinner and Senior Vice President of Marketing for GSN Digital Christian Meyer had this to say about the W3Games:

“The W3Games is our way of challenging every game lover out there – from the stay-at-home mom who has perfected her Wheel of Fortune skills to the computer programmer in Dallas who has mastered Bejeweled 2 – to prove they’re the best of the best in their given game. It’s only fitting that we’re kicking off the series with Solitaire, the game that arguably created the casual games category and is consistently the most popular game on WorldWinner. Now, 20 years later with more than 100 million people playing online games every month, we’re ushering in a new era of competitive entertainment.”

Best of luck to all gamers who compete.

Source: CasualGaming.biz