Waffster Departs coL.HS

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2016

Today we announce the departure of Robert “Waffster” Myers from our Hearthstone squad. Six months ago Waffster signed on as a member of our squad and during those six months he has continuously supported the team in tournaments, at conventions, and internally.

With his contract drawing to an end both compLexity and Waffster agreed that it would be best to part ways. For Waffster, splitting his focus between competitive Hearthstone and school is currently too arduous. Though his contract expired in January, we have waited to announce until now since Waffster was still a part of compLexity Gaming’s roster in the GamersOrigin Super Brawl #2 event. We felt like he should have a chance to finish what he had started as a part of the team.

We would thank him for his time in the organization, as well as wish him luck with his future endeavors both on the virtual table of Hearthstone and in any of his other pursuits. Thank you for your continued support of compLexity Gaming and coL Hearthstone.