WCG 2009 Rules and Regulations

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2009

World Cyber Games committee has officially announced the 2009 tournament rules and player regulations for WCG 2009 Grand Final today. Their aim is to “Increase Gameplay and Spectator Excitement Worldwide. Simplified Player Regulations, Easier to Comprehend. Maximum No. of Players Increased to Two Teams in Team Play Games.”

WCG 2009 will be held from November 11 to 15 in Chengdu, China. Featuring not only PC and Xbox games, but also Mobile Game Category and MORPG will appear at WCG 2009 Grand Final.

The WCG 2009 player regulations consist of participant qualification, auto-berth, citizenship, age restiction and more.

Much like the standard for participation in the Olympics, all players competing in the WCG 2009 Grand Final must have proof of citizenship to their country. In addition, if the player has multiple citizenship, he/she can represent only one country. All players who were born after November 11, 1991 must provide a consent form in order to participate. Regarding age restriction, WCG follows ESRB rating standards.

The regulations also showed the strict rules on player and team replacement.

If national team players cannot attend the WCG 2009 Grand Final due to sickness or any other unforeseen event, he or she may be replaced with the next-highest finisher in the National Finals up to two weeks before the first day of the Grand Final. As for Counter-Strike, the team whose substitution exceeds two players will be disqualified and replaced by the next highest finishing team.

Source: WCG