WCG Fight Club

BY Andrew Miesner / April 25, 2009

There are three rules about the WCG Fight Club and one of them is don’t forget to watch out for the upcoming blog with Adande “Swoozie” Thorne! 

Our friend Swoozie is in New York City to emcee and participate in the DOA4 action.  The event, featuring Street Fighter 4, is live all weekend.

Joining Swoozie in DOA are many familiar faces like Perfect Legend, Master, Phoenix, Offbeat Ninja, Vanessa, BlackMamba and NinjaCW.

SF4 has several big names in attendance including Gootecks (organizer of Bar Fights) and Justin Wong.

Saturday is group play action for all the games, followed up by final brackets.


WCG Fighter Club Link

Street Fighter 4 Group Play

DOA4 Group Play


Street Fighter 4 Brackets

1st- Justin Wong

2nd- NS NS (Savin)

3rd- Nestor Corchado (Nesu)

4th- Joe Ciaramelli (iloveu)

DOA4 Brackets

1st- BlackMamba

2nd- NinjaCW

3rd- Offbeat Ninja

4th- Perfect Legend


Stay tuned for all the updates!