WCG Quiver Shootout Preview

BY Andrew Miesner / July 17, 2009

WCG Quiver Shootout Preview

  By Brett “Few” Sheffield

This weekend is sure to be a fun event. The WCG his holding the Quiver Shoot-out at the Samsung Experience in the Time-Warner Building in the heart of NYC, with a $2,500 first place prize. A lot of the top teams in normal America are attending this event. Teams like complexity, EG, Back2Back, Blight.USA, and Gravitas are attending. The event will also host a ton of smaller teams that are not really known. The tournament will be played in a double elimination format so every team should get a shot at a big team.

In the end I think we will see that the top teams will be the only survivors, but we cant rule out a team from beating one of them. I still envision a coL vs EG or a EG vs Gravitas finish, but anything could happen.

All of the teams mentioned above have played in the ESEA-Invite season and are going to the playoffs. This is an easy to for the teams to have a pre-playoff LAN before going to the ESEA LAN playoffs. Look for some intense action and a few upsets as the teams go head to head in some fun and exciting play.


1. NineSpot
2. derek14boorn
3. evolution
4. hero
5. Irukandji

This is a team that has proven that they are at the top of the game. They have rivaled EG this entire season and are looking to beat them every chance they get. They should make some exciting matches against any team.

  Evil Geniuses

1. Warden
2. n0thing
3. lurppis
4. d00bi0us
5. fRoD
6. Storm

They have been at the top of the game for the longest time now. After switching back from CS:S, they have slowly made a comeback, even adding Lurppis. Look for them to pave a way through most of the brackets, but might hit a hiccup or two.


1. iNERTiA
2. zid
3. hazard
4. spyro
5. stENoOo[Lg]

They have been up there with coL and EG during the ESEA regular season. Look for them to come in with a goal: beat coL and EG, and then make it to the finals and win that money. They are capable of doing it, just have to get everything lined up.


1. cJb
2. projeckt
3. wrd
4. chE
5. hysteria

They did not do so well in the ESEA regular season, but you can’t count them out. Look for them to show up strong but I can see them maybe struggling against a strong team/pug if they don’t get in their game quickly.


1. goodfornothing
2. hostile
3. tho.OMz
4. benzo
5. impulsive

They have had one of the weirdest seasons. With goodfornothing taking a vaction, it seemed the whole team did too. They pugged most of the ESEA season but still made it to the playoffs. If they are all back and playing like normal, they have just as much of a shot at the finals.

Although these are most of the top teams, every team still has an equal shot at taking down each team. It would not surprise me to see a team we did not touch on make it close to the end. Good luck to all teams who are attending!