WCG Ultimate Gamer Cast Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / August 11, 2010

The WCG has announced the cast for Season 2 of the WCG Ultimate Gamer competition, with the Grand Finals in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Included in the list are some notable names from the CGS-era, including Kat Gunn, Vanessa Arteaga, and Yaz “Clown” Ammari. Below is the complete list of cast members from the official press release:

The Cast

* Yazan Ammari,  Granada Hills, CA – Sometimes called “The Clown,” Yaz can be the best friend of his fellow competitors, or their worst enemy as he laughs his way to the top.

* Vanessa Arteaga, Modesto, CA – Vanessa burst onto the professional gaming scene and made an immediate impact with her superior skills, model looks and attitude. Vanessa is generally a nice girl, but if you make her angry, watch out, because there could be an explosion!

* Ryan Burnett, Portland, OR – From the Northwest, Ryan was kicked out of the house at 13; he credits video games for ‘saving his life’ and propelling him to be the biggest gamer in Oregon…but can he be the best of the best-

* Sebastian Burton, Stamford, CT – “Chosen1” Is a trash-talker who aims to dominate the gaming world. Even though he has a tough exterior, he will give you the shirt off his back if you need it.

* Katherine Gunn, Lancaster, CA – “Kat” is a natural born talent in gaming as she was raised in a gaming family. With the pedigree, don’t underestimate her skills and passion to work her way to the top just because she is a girl gamer.

* Michael LaBelle, Houston, TX
– The resident jock of the cast, Michael is known for his specialty in sports games and his self-proclaimed way with the ladies.

* Faye Mata, Kenosha, WI
– This pre-med student says that drama just seems to follow her wherever she goes. Faye doesn’t let the haters – especially other females – bother her as she works to smash the competition.

* AJ Mazur, Shelton, CT – Don’t be fooled by this self-described ‘typical dorky gamer.’ AJ is a fierce competitor and is currently up for a “Rock Band” World record.

* Caesar Noreiga, Parlin, NJ – “Mr. Suave” is Jersey born, but spends his time perfecting his skills on a wide range of games instead of working on his tan – as a result, he’s raked up several top tournament finishes in the process.

* Jacob “Jake” Pfister, Kent, OH – This passionate gamer rallied online and offline supporters to win his way onto the show as the 12th contestant. Jake hates being worse than someone at anything, which drives him to prove he’s the best gamer.

* Rachel Quirico, Branchburg, NJ – Rachel knows she is cute but she is more than a pretty face as she is well known throughout the professional community for her gaming skills and blazing confidence – she’s relentless on girl and guy gamers alike.

* Justin Wong, New York City, NY – “JWong” is known as the best “Street Fighter” player in the United States. A force to be feared, he supports his parents by gaming, though they are unaware of his profession. Can Justin conquer WCG Ultimate Gamer using his self-proclaimed “Justin Wong Factor-“

What is the WCG Ultimate Gamer?

In WCG Ultimate Gamer, a dozen top gamers from around the country are invited to a posh loft space to live and battle together in a series of competitions that take them “beyond the game.” From real-life challenges inspired by top-selling games to head-to-head elimination matches before hundreds of screaming spectators, the last gamer standing will have survived gaming’s ultimate test and will be dubbed the best all-around gamer in the US, taking home $100k, the ultimate Samsung Electronics prize package, Alienware’s high-performing gaming desktop, the Aurora, and the chance to be the face of World Cyber Games, representing the WCG at events around the world.

The show will air on Thursday nights at 11PM beginning on August 19th on Syfy. For more information about the show, click here.