WCG USA 2009: coL Saturday Recap

BY Andrew Miesner / September 26, 2009

Saturday was a very busy and important day for complexity, with Eafra qualifying for a spot on Team USA and the CS team setting themselves up with a good chance to join him. Eafra had to finish up group play and complete bracket play, while the Counter-Strike squad would finally be getting underway in group play.

Eafra and former complexity player KreeganBG had already advanced to the next round, but seeding was important because who ever lost would have to play Michs09, last year’s WCG winner. Kreegan came out strong and was able to win the first two matches.

In bracket play Eafra dropped his first game to Michs09, but was able to win the next two and advance to the Upper Bracket Finals. He had to go up against Kreeganbg again, who had just won with a combinded score of 8-1 in two games. That match would also take three games to complete with Eafra coming out on top. Eafra met up with Michs09 in the Grand Finals and Eafra made sure he put on a show. Eafra fed off the crowd and won the first game 5-1. In game 2, Michs09 came out of the gate and scored in the 22nd minute, showing he was here to contend for the title. Eafra was able to answer and then put the winning goal in the back of the net to win WCG USA 2009!

Here is a video of some of the action form the Grand Finals and an interview with Eafra about his day. 

The Counter-Strike squad started out the day on a bad note. In their first match against dynamic on de_tuscan, they ended up in a 15-15 draw. It was the first time in two days that the guys had played CS. After that the guys were able to return to complexity form and steam roll through their group. They beat Frag`Dominant 20-10, Infamy 19-11 and Paragon 21-9.

Tomorrow coL.cs will take on Turmoil in the first round of bracket play. Make sure to wish the guys good luck!