Week in Review #21

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009


Week in Review

Written By: Michael “Peawok” Fleming

Hey everyone.  Hope you had another good week.  Gaming has sped up a bit recently so if you’re behind, don’t worry, I’m here to help:

Wrath of the Lich King Releases Tonight


World of Lost Time for Millions

Before we start the ‘lol you like WoW?!’, I’ll answer that question from the start.  I don’t like World of Warcraft.  Nothing seems more pointless to me than spending hours upon hours in a make believe world which – sorry, WoW fans – will one day be replaced by a brand new world.  Plus, with two majors, shows, hanging out, and whatever else I can cram into my busy schedule, I have no time to “WoW it up”.

But, still, some ten million people are probably dancing in glee at the new expansion’s release.  And ten million is the right number for me to at least mention its release to everyone.

Pro-Am Playoffs


Playoff time

The Pro-Am Playoffs are in full swing, for CS:S, CS 1.6 and TF2.  I’ll avoid the TF2, because I know nothing about it and speak on Counter Strike.

For 1.6, CompLexity has dominated the bracket and I can’t see any of the remaining teams taking coL down.  POV is still in it, but they have a number of matches before even reaching them.  I don’t think we’ll see Team To Beat take second place, but they are definitely guaranteed third place even if they lose their match.  Aside from POV and T2B, we have Green Berets still in contention, Guardians and maybe even MaveN that could sneak up in the standings.  But, in my opinion, it’s a fight for second place now.  None of these teams can take down coL twice.

For Source, we’ve had some surprises.  Chicago took down Dallas after CompLexity beat them in a close match.  This means that Dallas failed to place in the top ten and our, in my opinion, the surprise of the playoffs.  Devastation has been doing well, much like I predicted, and jB has fallen to the lower bracket quickly, also like I predicted.  I think fivealive can take jB down, but I’d be surprised to see them take Devastation down as well.  FEVER and the Chicago Chimera go head to head to face CompLexity and I think that Chicago has really resurged with that win over Dallas.  I don’t think they will beat CompLexity, though.  Anything can change, but I think that we’ll have Optx, 3D, and CompLexity as the last three standing.  I don’t think that CompLexity is going to win this event, though, and my money is on a resurging 3D.NY.

mTw Wins WCG 2008



If you 1.6 fans missed WCG – and I pity you if you did – then I have to say you guys missed some of the best Counter Strike action of the year.  mTw took down SK Gaming in two maps – de_dust2 and de_train – to win WCG.  mTw has really made an argument to put them at the top of the 1.6 ladder recently.  They just won the WEM event in China and with their victory in Cologne for WCG, you could argue they are the team to beat right now.  And these aren’t just ‘one map to rule them all’ games.  They have beaten SK and mousesports now in a best of three.  Most would argue that a best of three really shows who the better team is and – in my opinion – mTw is the best right now.

CEVO Updates



If you check the coL site daily, you probably have already seen that CEVO is once again underway.   Dallas is sitting atop the standings with a comfortable 6-0, but right on their tail is CompLexity and – to my surprise – Cyber Revolution.  3D.NY, Carolina Core, and zomblerz are up there as well.

It’s too early to call anyone a sure shot, but I’m guessing we’ll see Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York all make it in.  Zomblerz should be up there as well.  Carolina, too, will likely make it.  For that final slot, CyberRev could hold on, or someone like Chicago or x3o could pick late in the season.  Again, it’s way too early to call anyone a sure shot, but I’m guessing we’ll have at least four of those teams I named make it in.

That is all for this Week in Review.  See you next week!