Weekend Update: April 15th-17th

BY Andrew Miesner / April 19, 2011

Weekend Update: April 15th-17th

by Alex “Yeunanimous” Yue

This past weekend saw some crazy StarCraft II action. With the NASL, TSL3, and The V going on, it’s easy to see how someone may miss out on some of the action. That’s why I’m here giving everyone a quick rundown of the events from this past weekend.


Starting off with the NASL’s results, this weekend featured some great games and some amazing upsets. Starting with Saturday’s broadcast, the first game was between the American Terran SeleCT and the German Protoss HasuObs. Thanks to his aggressive play and abuse of mobility, SeleCT was able to win his debut match in the NASL 2-0. Match 2 saw the German Terran Goody, known for his solid mech play, take on the creative Zerg CatZ. Showing why he’s the leader of ROOT GAMING, CatZ took the match from Goody 2-0. Match 3 was between Team Liquid’s Ret and the Korean Protoss ACE from team StarTale. Unfortunately for Ret, he just couldn’t hang with ACE’s cleaver play and solid execution losing 0-2. Match 4 was between compLexity’s hero Terran Stalife and Evil Geniuses’ Zerg Machine. In a back and forth series, Stalife was able to come through and bring home a win for compLexity. The final match on Satuday was between Brat_OK VS MC. Unfortunately there was some complication and MC was unable to make the predetermined match time, forcing him to forfeit his first match in the NASL.

Sunday’s NASL broadcast saw some of the most iconic names in SC2 duking it out. Match 1 was between Evil Geniuses’ IdrA and the German Protoss Socke. Despite losing game 1 to an extremely aggressive six Gate push, IdrA was able to take the next to games winning the match. Match 2 was a PvP between Mouzsports MaNa and Team Liquid’s Tyler. Despite Tyler’s reputation as being one of the best StarCraft players in the world, Mana was able to defeat him convincingly with a score of 2-0. Match 3 was a TvT and saw Lazarus Gaming’s PainUser Vs. Meet Your Makers’ Cloud. After a lot of Siege Tank play, Cloud was able to take home a win with a score of 2-1. Match 4 was between oGs Zenio and FnaticMSI Sen. Showing off his ZvZ prowis, Sen won 2-0. The last NASL match of the weekend saw ROOT GAMING’s Drewbie take on none other than “The Emperor” himself, SlayerS_BoxeR. In an exciting back and forth TvT series, BoxeR showed the world why he’s such a legend by bringing home a 2-1 win.


This past weekend also saw the final games in the round of 16 in the TSL3. The first match was between FnaticMSI.Sen and SlayerS_BoxeR. Holy crap was this game good. In a classic battle of TvZ, SlayerS_BoxeR (who has been having a bit of bad luck in recent games) reminded everyone why he is “The Emperor” by bringing home a win. If you only watch one game from this past weekend, make it this one. BoxeR’s creative play Vs. Sen’s fantastic macro makes it one of the most entertaining games in recent SC2 history. The second match was between the two European powerhouses mouz.HasuObs and mouz.MorroW. In this ZvP match up, HasuObs’ aggressive play style overcame MorroW’s macro. Game three saw dignitas.NaNiwa Vs. ESC.GoOdy. Proving that his absolutely stunning streak at this past MLG Dallas was no fluke, NaNiwa managed to beat GoOdy, sending him to the round of 8. The last game of TSL3’s round of 16 was between compLexity’s CunCher and Meet Your Makers’ Mondragon. Despite being a titan from the Brood War scene, Mondragon was no match for CunCher’s turtle style Protoss.

The V

Lastly, this past Friday saw week 12 of The V. This week’s edition saw ROOT Minigun take on the relativly new Zerg phenom Spanishiwa. Spanishiwa completely dominated Minigun to open up the matches, however Minigun fought his way back to force a seventh and final game. To the seventh game, Spanishiwa managed to knock Minigun’s crown off becoming the new champion of The V.

VoD’s from The V can be found here.

That’s what happened in the SC2 community over the weekend. As always, if you know about a tournament that is occurring next weekend, please leave a comment on this post with the details. That was I can be sure to include it in next week’s edition of The Weekend Update.